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# Miguel Sarmiento
March 24, 2018 · Antwerp ·
Young down to earth beautiful international models surrounded me while jaw dropping life-sized photographs are pulling your attention to look at their message and feel their cries .
Jimmy Bollaerts proudly exhibits his masterpieces of beautifully and tastefully photographed beautiful young international female models.
Each photo catches your attention with the beautiful women’s captivating eyes.
As if God was a lighting director and made sure every woman shot was given respect dignity and enhancing their Venus -like physical features. Through the technically well studied lighting, God also gave the mood of the shot .
Jimmy took at least 400 shots per concept . He told me , it was like making a movie , he help his models “internalized or morphed “ into their “roles”. Some had to be given their confidence boost before the almost nude shot. FYI , no full frontal nor provocative nor offensive pose and shot was done by both consenting models and the uber talented photographer.
The outcome ! A photo that will be at the caliber of a Monalisa painting, not just an ordinary Vogue’s September issue editorial - that will be forgotten after the next September issues goes on print .
Jimmy’s work will be studied by photography students and expert alike!
Just like a perfume , you have to smell it in person to know the smell, with his works , you have to see it in person to be mesmerized by Jimmy’s spell of visual euphoria.
After looking at the eyes of the model and carefully observe the lighting within the photo , you will get the deep and socially relevant message of each photo. It will give you an emotional jolt of reality!
Am so excited for his next works to come soon and let us be invited with his photos! And am also excited for the shoot I will be having (soon for a Autumn release for an international jewelry campaign from the God himself.
I am so confident, me the #Quasimodo, will be photographed by the “God of Photography” and am sure he will let my soul smile from my eyes ! And I will be immortalized as a Greek God!
To the maestro Bollaerts! We are mere mortals bowing and adoring your masterpieces ! We want more ! Teach us to be the better version of ourselves with your “hidden messages”in your works!

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