The STORY untold   

It’s obscure aesthetic character is drawn from David Lynch’s American surrealistic cinema.
It is his style that inspired twenty powerful photographs portraying the Western women’s oppressed sexuality in all it’s strength.

The repercussions of neither being seen nor respected, of women’s veiled pain in not being valued in this so-called men’s world, are beheld in a rather voyeuristic way.
With Datura, Bollaerts is thoroughly questioning patriarchal expectations. Who is maintaining this phenomenon? Should we merely point out men, or are both sexes somehow, whether consciously or unconsciously, responsible for this unequally divided society of ours? Are these strong women actually as strong as they think they are, or do they keep reverting to ancient paradigms?

Set in a nightly décor, Datura shows sensual and lascivious women in a blistering intoxicating haze, a haze they thrive in as no other. These glamorous women, losing themselves in alcohol, sex, drugs and dangerous games in which they play a seductive and poisonous part.


Exactly what Datura stands for: a fascinating poisonous flower, also known as hell’s bells or devil’s trumpets.
Belonging to the witches’ weeds, this exceptionally hazardous drug, or a delirium in experienced hands for that matter, spreads its scent at night alone.

Bollaerts and Quirynens impressive résumé was bound to attract some big names in the international fashion scene. Among others, Anouk Matton, model, DJ and spouse to the renowned Dimitri Vegas, finds herself being a master in the genre, walking the thin line between art and vulgarity that Datura stands for. No wonder Matton committed to pushing her boundaries in favour of this project and gave shape to one of the presented Daturas.

Exclusive as it is, limited edition prints are available for those who have seen the light in the darkness.

Datura has become the epic brand of the universal symbolization that recognises the impact of oppressing the female sexuality Bollaerts is making this unique concept becoming an international icon, spreading awareness in this subject by the empowerment of art and beauty.
Driven by passion and convincing ideologies to make the world a better place, they are very pleased to sponsor and collaborate with the charityfoundation "Payoke".

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